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An unfortunate fact these days is that we are constantly working under the threat of viruses and other malware. Not only must all computers (including desktops, servers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc.) run antivirus software, but you must be prepared to handle the nearly inevitable infections before they consume your data or spread to other computers.

An I.T. professional can configure your enterprise with multiple layers of antivirus and antimalware, prepare your response to infections, then monitor and maintain your antivirus solution. Antivirus software and monitoring is only part of the overall solution. It should be used in conjunction with solid backups and the good use of access permissions for files, folders and devices. All your hard work can go out the window if a contractor can plug an infected USB stick into one of your enterprise computers!

Do you use a centralised antivirus management system? Do you ensure virus definitions are updated regularly on all company computers? Have you documented in detail your intended response to virus and malware infections? Enclave Managed Networks can help you develop, implement and document your antivirus action plan.

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