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A vitally important task for businesses of all sizes is backups. Your data is your company, in a very real way. You would have a tough time staying in business if all your data, documents, spreadsheets, databases, payroll, customer contact info, etc., was lost due to a server failure. This becomes more true the bigger your business! Backups are not the only way to your protect your data, but it is the one absolute requirement for all businesses!

Just as backups are important, it is important to have an experienced backup administrator to oversee the design, implementation and operation of your backup strategy. Someone needs to keep an eye on it even if your backups are mostly automatic.

Remember to test your backups. You don’t actually have a backup until it’s been tested. There are many sad tales about companies that relied on untested backups; then found, to their detriment, the backups they thought they had were no good! Enclave Managed Networks can help ensure this never happens to you.

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