Bringing It All Together

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Network & system administrators (admins) learn all the items listed above and more, but must be able to understand how it all comes together in a corporate network. The admin must know how various systems affect one another; how backup and antivirus plans affect each other, what applications rely on which services, how network traffic affects the user experience. These are things that only become clear with experience.

Admins learn their client’s computing environment and become expert at keeping that environment healthy. They learn how to troubleshoot interrelated systems and quickly recover when things go wrong despite all the safeguards. Admins become familiar with the people who use these computer systems and do their best to tailor the available computing infrastructure to meet the needs of those users.

Perhaps the most important aspect of being an admin is to monitor the systems that make up a corporate network. It’s not enough to setup automated systems then expect them to continue operating indefinitely. Someone must keep an eye on these systems through realtime monitoring, alerts and reports. No matter how well a network is setup and maintained, a human being must intervene from time-to-time to take care of exception and ensure the automated systems are doing their jobs.

Monitoring is where Enclave Managed Networks shine! Sure, we can help you design and install your computing infrastructure (firewalls, switches, servers, workstations, etc.) but we specialize in monitoring it all and quickly responding to incidents to keep it all running smoothly and as problem free as possible.

Call us to see how we can fit into your current or future I.T. infrastructure. We’ll be glad to help:)

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