License & Support Contract Management

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Hardware and software licenses are yet another unfortunate fact of life for all businesses that depend on computers. The task of managing software licenses and support contracts generally falls to your I.T. system administrator. In fact, this subject is often complicated enough that he/she will rely on professional license managers for help and advise. Many 3rd party vendors will have someone experienced and specially trained standing by to help with this topic. And, of course, the big companies such as Microsoft have specialists available as well.

Have a look at the licensing requirements companies face when running Microsoft Exchange within their enterprise. They need a Windows Server license, a Microsoft Exchange license, Windows device or user CALs (client access licenses) and Exchange user CALs; that’s just for starters. Server software licenses becomes more expensive the more CPU cores the server has. As expensive as this sounds – and is – it’s still less expensive than the fines Microsoft can levy against your company if you don’t buy the licenses!

Support contracts for both software & hardware are similar to licensing and is usually taken care of by your system admin or I.T. manager. Software support usually entitles you to minor and major upgrades, and provides professional technical support for issues related to that software. Nobody knows it all; your system admin must rely sometimes on help from vendor software engineers to address issues that affect I.T. in the enterprise environment.

Enclave Managed Networks can assist you in understanding your licensing requirements or even manage them for you.

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