User Administration

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This activity includes user account creation & deletion, the assignment of account rights and file & folder access permissions. The basics are easy to perform, but it can quickly become complex and difficult to troubleshoot issues that inevitably arise. This is the case regardless of which operating systems you use: MS Windows, Linux, or Mac OS/X. A solid understanding of the interaction of share & file and folder access permissions benefits all businesses. Not understanding them can lead to user frustration and a plethora of security issues.

Documentation is important for user administration. The use of various request forms allows you to track what happened, when, and who requested and authorized the changes. This is especially important if your company is traded on any stock market. Your investors and regulators want a clear paper trail on anything that affects company performance!

Do you have a single person to perform user account administration? Do you track permission changes through good documentation? Do you remove user accounts as people leave your organisation? Enclave Managed Networks can help you answer these questions.

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