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2013 11 22 Another Great Antivirus Tool:

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We need all the help we can get in our efforts to keep viruses and malware away from our computers.  One great and free tool is an online scanning service named VirusTotal. Upload a suspect file to VirusTotal and it will scan it as you wait using a large number of different scanners.  It produces a report at the end of the scan detailing the results for each virus scanner it used. It can also scan websites.  Click on the scan a URL hotspot on the VirusTotal webpage, then type in the URL to the questionable website.  It will do a live scan and show you the results.  It would be interesting to scan known good and known infected websites. I recommend you take care what...

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2013 11 18 Internet Explorer – A Website Suddenly Doesn’t Work!

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This blog post is a bit long.  It would be best to print it off, then mark each step as you perform it. Let me be clear, I like all the mainstream web browsers.  They each have their special features.  The best of those features are quickly poached and inserted into the competitors’ browsers, which is one reason I can say they are all the same – even while all are different. Many websites are tweaked or even built for a specific browser, be that browser Internet Explorer(IE), Firefox or Safari.  This is the main reason you should become familiar with other, mainstream browsers.  One browser does not fit all people or web sites.  I commonly run two or three...

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2013 11 05 Basic Defense Against Viruses & Malware

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This blog post is not meant to be an exhaustive list of security practices, but a simple, bare introduction to some things you can do to help secure your computer remain uninfected by viruses and other malware. I urge you to use this blog post to begin your own education and research into this topic. Consider this: royal families all have security – body guards and such. But they have learned over the centuries that any security can be breached. They learned long ago it’s best if the members of the royal family ALSO know how to defend themselves. The same principle applies to you and me. You can trust your computer environment entirely to your I.T. person or...

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