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2014 01 14 CryptoPrevent: A New AntiMalware Tool

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CryptoPrevent was created by an experienced I.T. man named Nick Shaw, who saw a need for a small utility to apply Windows GPO (Group Policy Object) settings that lock out, for the most part, this creepy and creeping bit of ransomware named CryptoLocker. The quick explanation is that CryptoLocker is downloaded to your computer via an infected website, email or USB device.  It then encrypts any of your documents it can find and presents you with a ransom note.  The newer versions of CryptoLocker go much further than the older versions.  It now disables your computer until you pay the ransom.  Nasty indeed! In comes CryptoPrevent.  You can use this tool to apply settings...

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2014 01 10 Why Enclave, Why Computer Management

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SYSTEM MANAGEMENT – WHAT IS IT?  Computer system management is a rather difficult concept to convey even to those who work in a corporate environment let alone home computer users. I will do my best to describe the basics in this post. The best idea might be to start with an analogy.  System administrators are to computers as mechanics are to a cars.  We maintain vehicles (or computers & networks), we fix it when something goes wrong, and we help our clients to plan and prepare for the future. We do all these things so you can get on with the business of using your car or computer rather than mess with the thing yourself.  Surely, you could maintain your...

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