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SYSTEM MANAGEMENT – WHAT IS IT?  Computer system management is a rather difficult concept to convey even to those who work in a corporate environment let alone home computer users. I will do my best to describe the basics in this post.

The best idea might be to start with an analogy.  System administrators are to computers as mechanics are to a cars.  We maintain vehicles (or computers & networks), we fix it when something goes wrong, and we help our clients to plan and prepare for the future.

We do all these things so you can get on with the business of using your car or computer rather than mess with the thing yourself.  Surely, you could maintain your vehicles yourself; but you don’t need to in order to simply drive a car.  It’s the same with computers.  You could learn all about how your computer works, how to fix it when it brakes, how it relates to and is affected by other computers in its environment, but you don’t need to.  Corporate managers recognize this and hire trained, experienced I.T. (information technology) staff to handle the I.T. infrastructure (the computers, software and networking equipment – necessary to run their businesses).

I.T. PROFESSIONALS:  Experienced and certified I.T. staff are not optional as businesses continue to grow.  Often legal requirements of various kinds require such professionals to ensure your business maintains legislation compliance and best business practices regarding data integrity, separation of duty, and security of corporate data and systems.

Home computers users usually have no such professional support.  In a sense, they are thrown to the wolves with little or no training.  They usually spend big bucks on their laptop or desktop computers (not to mention smartphones, tablets and other devices) but often give little or no thought and effort to system maintenance, monitoring or disaster planning and preparation.  As a result such computer users are unprepared for virus or malware infestations, hard drive crashes, an errant software update or a program that doesn’t play well with their other software.  The list of possible problems is, I think, nearly endless.

WHY ENCLAVE MANAGED NETWORKS?  Enclave Managed Networks helps both home computer users and small businesses throughout northern British Columbia and Canada prepare for disaster, then monitors their computers and networks for signs of impending problems, and helps them recover whenever something goes wrong.  No one can guarantee problem free computing, but together we can mitigate potential harm.

PREPARATION WITH ENCLAVE MANAGED NETWORKS!  Preparation is the key.  Without it those wolves I mentioned inflict much greater damage than they would otherwise.  Each bit of software installed by Enclave has a specific purpose, but it all adds up to preparation for disaster.

Preparation is also expensive.  Enclave Managed Networks helps keep that cost down by providing a very cost effective software suite that assists us to document, maintain and monitor your computers and network.  You pay a very small yearly subscription fee for each computer, then you are billed monthly for any extra services you use.  That would be zero dollars if everything goes well.  But should something bad happen we stand by ready to help resolve the issue.

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