Microsoft Outlook 2013 – Hide Multiple Email Recipients – Level: Beginner

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Recently I created a Contract Group within Outlook 2013 and immediately wanted to send out an email to the members of that group. I suddenly realized all the members of the group would be able to see the names and email addresses of all the other recipients.

I go to some lengths to protect my clients’ information, so went looking for a solution.

Here’s what I settled upon.

#1 Created a Contact Group that contained my clients.

#2 Created a new Contact named “Undisclosed Recipients,” and inserted my own email address.

#3 Created a new email to “Undisclosed Recipients,” with a Bcc (blink carbon copy) to my Contact Group.

#4 Sent the email.

All members of the Contact Group received the email, and none of them could see the names or email addresses of the other recipients.

Problem solved:) This solution should work with email programs other than Microsoft Outlook 2013 as well with little or no modifications.

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