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Microsoft Word 2013 – Save Documents in Different File Formats – Level: Beginner

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One of the most common trouble calls I have received is from people who are trying to share a Microsoft Word document with others, and the recipients can’t open the document because they don’t have the same version of MS Word, or, heaven forbid, some other word processor entirely! To begin, follow these steps to see what I mean: #1 Open Microsoft Word 2013, then open a document or create a new one. #2 From the menu select File\Save As… #3 Select COMPUTER as a destination, then select the Documents folder in the right-hand pane. Once you get that far, you will see something like this next screenshot. This screenshot was taken on my Windows 8.1 computer....

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Microsoft Word 2013 – View Version Information – Level: Beginner

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You can view Word 2013 version information using the following steps: #1 Open Word 2013. Either start a new or open an existing document. #2 On the menu bar, click File\Account. #3 In the right-hand pane, click the “About Word” icon. Below is a screenshot of the results when I did this on my Windows 8.1 computer. – Dennis Strain Enclave Managed Networks Box 365, Smithers, BC, Canada V0J 2N0 dstrain@enclave365.ca 877-877-8793 toll free phone & fax Always Choose Peace Always Choose Kindness Always Choose Compassion

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